If you graduated from either a masters engineering program or an engineering program outside of Canada, you must attend an Obligation Ceremony as a ‘senior’ candidate. If you did not attend a ceremony at the time of your graduation from an accredited undergraduate engineering program in Canada, please contact your engineering department to arrange to attend an Obligation Ceremony as a 'senior' candidate.

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions to determine the exact date of the next 'senior' ceremony.

You will need to demonstrate that you have met the academic requirements for engineers in Canada by providing evidence of licensure as a Professional Engineer (or registration as an Engineer in Training) with a provincial engineering licensing body. Your registration number is required for this purpose.

If you are registered as an Engineer in Training (EIT) with a provincial engineering licensing body, you will need to contact the Registrar’s office of the licensing body to obtain a letter stating that the academic requirements of an accredited engineering program have been met. Please forward this letter electronically to info@camp1.ca after completing your application.
Use this form to apply to attend a ‘senior’ ceremony. The cost is $55.00, including HST.

You must confirm all of the following to use this form:

  • I have not previously participated an Obligation Ceremony in Canada
  • I am able to demonstrate that I have met the academic requirements described above
  • Refunds are subject to our Refund Policy

Check here to confirm your agreement to the above.

For further details, please read our Frequently Asked Questions. Please contact the office if you missed your engineering undergraduate ceremony in the last two years.

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Your application will not be complete until you submit payment.

Refund Policy: Refunds will only be considered if you are unable to attend the Senior Obligation Ceremony. For further information, please contact the Camp office.